GLUOS is an innovative and emerging science-based university spin-off, in the field of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals.

GLUOS offers a novel and green technology for the production at industrial level of a new and efficient anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-influenza and anti-viral agent called C4-Glutathione (C4-GSH), that is still unused.


The key success factors for the introduction of this innovation are:

  • high C4-GSH anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory efficacy and low toxicity;
  • efficency of the production process;
  • low environmental impact
  • the know-how and patent.

Despite its promising features, C4-GSH is still not used in industries because of its high price and not-acceptable purity, that make it unsuitable in biomedical applications. However, GLUOS business idea deals with production and marketing of C4-Glutathione, obtained through its innovative, highly efficient and low-cost process.

The team is composed by young researchers and professors in Chemical Sciences from University of Urbino Carlo Bo, covering all the necessary skills.

GLUOS takes part in the project MarcheBiobank

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