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  • Glutathione C4 (C4-GSH, N-butanoyl glutathione), C14 H23 N3 O7 S, CAS Number 690633-16-0

Scientific Papers on C4-GSH:
1) New synthetic glutathione derivatives with increased antiviral activities
2) Redox Regulation of the Influenza Hemagglutinin Maturation Process: A New Cell-Mediated Strategy for Anti-Influenza Therapy
3) Effect of the N-butanoyl glutathione (GSH) derivative and acyclovir on HSV-1 replication and Th1 cytokine expression in human macrophages
4) Redox proteomics of the inflammatory secretome identifies a common set of redoxins and other glutathionylated proteins released in inflammation, influenza virus infection and oxidative stress
5) GSH-C4 acts as anti-inflammatory drug in different models of canonical and cell autonomous inflammation through NFkB inhibition
6) Molecules Altering the Intracellular Thiol Content Modulate NF-kB and STAT-1/IRF-1 Signalling Pathways and IL-12 p40 and IL-27 p28 Production in Murine Macrophages
7) Modulation of Th1/Th2 immune responses to HIV-1 Tat by new pro-GSH molecules
8) Glutathione increase by the n‐butanoyl glutathione derivative (GSH‐C4) inhibits viral replication and induces a predominant Th1 immune profile in old mice infected with influenza virus

Reviews on C4-GSH:
1) Glutathione and glutathione derivatives in immunotherapy
2) GSH and analogs in antiviral therapy

Patents on C4-GSH:
1) Preparation of glutathione derivatives as antiviral agents – WO2005063795 A120050714
2) Glutathione-based drug delivery system – WO2010095940 A220100826
3) Targeted liposomal delivery of cGMP analogues to and across the blood-ocular barrier for treating retinal diseases – WO2016146669 A120160922
4) Metodo di Sintesi di derivati del Glutatione – IT102017000133856 Our Patent

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  • N-Substituted Glutathione derivatives (R = acyl substituents with alkyl, alkenyl or other functionalities, ASK FOR POSSIBILITIES AND QUOTATIONS)

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  • S-Substituted Glutathione derivatives (R = acyl substituents with alkyl, alkenyl or other functionalities, ASK FOR POSSIBILITIES AND QUOTATIONS)

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